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Trends to Watch for Home Services Teams in 2021.

In 2020, Home Services was one sector of business that actually grew during the pandemic. As families and individuals have continued to stay home, this has led to a boom in renovation work that is projected to continue through 2021. Upgrades, updates and separate work/study spaces have all become popular.

As potential customers rethink their living spaces, here are some of the noted home improvement focuses and trends that contractors will see in 2021:

  1. Updated Kitchens- Staying home has meant families are spending more time in their kitchens. It’s the traditional gathering space. As restaurants and bars continue to have restrictions, cooking at home has seen a revitalization. Appliance updates have been big over the last year. Adding islands and updating flooring are both in high demand.
  2. Updated Baths- When there are more people in the house, there are more people using the bathroom. Adding half-baths and updating current bathroom fixtures rank as top priorities for home renovators.
  3. Adding Walls- Open floorplans may not be completely gone, but home buyers are listing separate workspaces as a plus for privacy. Contractors have noted that adding walls to open spaces have been a significant share of the requests they get from homeowners. Multi-family homes have also seen a boom of interest from home buyers.
  4. Home Exteriors- We’re spending more time indoors and controlling the climate we work in. In turn, utility bills are being heavily scrutinized for the budget conscious homeowner. Windows and doors are both listed as top items across the board to update on the outside of the home. Additional updates like siding, roofs and gutters are also recommended. Some homeowners can see up to 70% ROI on their initial investment through utility and maintenance savings.
  5. Outdoor Spaces- For those needing even more space and somewhere to get away, getting outside can be a great option for homeowners. Many are requesting the creation of outdoor recreational spaces. Adding on to a deck, intricate landscaping design, creating water features, or even adding that “she shed” in the backyard are all top of mind.