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What do contractors need to know about building their CRM?

Building up your customer relationship management or CRM, is the number one step you can begin to prepare for maintaining and growing a customer base in the future.

As Google shifts to a cookie-less internet in 2022 your digital advertising is going to have to shift in strategy. Right now you likely deploy these strategies. But, in the future it will be increasingly important for you to utilize a customer relation management software or a CRM.

Social Buzz on Losing Cookies

Social Media buzz on losing cookies.

But what IS a CRM?

CRM software allows you to keep track of prospect information. This may be as small as an email address of a one-time contact up to a database of sales needs and inquiries. CRM’s have the capability to track service needs or requests. Additionally, CRM’s are also useful in keeping track and managing marketing campaigns to help you evaluate ROI.

We’re helping contractors build and develop their CRM now, so when Google makes their move, YOUR business has the first-party data needed. This data will help you maintain opportunities to communicate to your current customers. Plus, reach more prospects who look like them.

Leveraging your customer data with a media partner can assist in creating a marketing strategy that helps your contracting business drive more traffic to your website and generate more leads.

RCG Contractor Marketing helps contractors create CRM and marketing strategies to increase traffic and increase leads. Contact our team to begin planning your customer relationship management integration today!