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Recruitment and Industry Tips for Planning Ahead of Volume to Build Your Team

Not every company can offer extensive benefit packages, so what can your business offer that will set you apart from the hiring competition when building your team?

Recent research from digital industry directory, Clutch, shows that while fair pay remains at the top spot for employee priorities, age impacts how important they consider it. The trend is obvious when you look at how many in each generation rank compensation as their most important criteria for choosing an employer.

As compensation decreases in importance with younger generations, it’s good to look at what your team may offer as far as the overall work environment.

For example, research tells us that, contrary to widely held perceptions, many in Gen Z are looking for longer-term jobs with stability. If a Gen Z person can find a fostering environment for career growth, they are more likely to continue with their employer.


Consider Your Training Programs:

Building your team may take time. If your busiest season is in the Spring through Summer, and your training program is 60 days, it’s best to start searching ahead of when you need your teams in the field.

And with recruiting seeming to take longer and longer, it’s even more critical to plan ahead for job fairs and hiring notices. These tactics should come well in advance of when you would like team members to begin training.


Education vs Experience:

Current buzz in the industry is that there are fewer and fewer people with experience available. And, while it may be true that many home improvement trades have seen a dwindling pool of experienced workers, many potential employees are hungry for new “on the job” experiences. If a company is willing to hire less experienced workers but provide quality training, this can be a gold mine for cultivating long-term employees.


Recruitment Campaigns & Job Postings:

Your traditional marketing budget can help give a boost to your recruiting efforts. In fact, your branding messages are likely a great complement to attracting good employees. Consider setting aside a portion of your messaging to add a tag for a job fair or to run a hiring notice. Posting on social media with a targeted audience is a good way to reach customers AND potential employees.

When looking at job postings, keep in mind that the longer a position remains posted without a refresh, the more this looks to a potential employee that the job is not an easy one to fill. Is the consequent perception that the qualifications are too high or that you might not be a great employer? Take the time to rework and update postings that may be “stale.”


Filling the Gap:

In a business that is “always hiring good people,” it may be worth your time to look into a “headhunter” or recruiter. This can alleviate the burden of evaluating high numbers of underqualified candidates. Recruiters can help find dedicated workers in your field who meet your criteria for values an work ethic, plus interview and negotiate on your behalf. It’s an efficient way to give you more time to concentrate on improving your existing team and growing your business.


When it comes to recruiting and hiring for the volume of seasonality, there are many platforms and ways to go about building a strategy to find the right people for your team. RCG Contractor Marketing has handled multiple recruitment campaigns. RCG Contractor Marketing has also done extensive research on market trends for generational expectations of job hunting. If your team would like to schedule a call to discuss recruitment strategies and needs, please contact us!