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Alternatives to City Pages for Building SEO

Previously in our April Blog, we discussed City Pages and the need to build SEO that meets web crawler standards, such as Google Panda. We also discussed how quality content can make a difference. If you have a large territory, targeting your key areas and City Pages with SEO builds will help your organic search rank.

But what else can help your SEO rank outside of City Pages? Let’s look at a few alternative SEO content tactics that can help drive online search results.


Optimize your Google My Business page.

Make sure you’ve verified your address with Google. Take the time to fill out information including your social channels such as hours, website, and contact information. If you have multiple locations, make sure that you individually verify each location. Add photos to your location. Be active with responses to reviews.


Optimize your internal linking structure.

Utilize your own content and internally link to your other pages. For example, if you mention that your team takes care of mold growth on your home page, be sure to link this to your product page about your mold busting services.


Write a regular blog.

The benefit of blog writing is that it doesn’t have to be done as often as social media posting to remain relevant. A quarterly blog post is content that will continue to work for you over time. To get started, create a list of subjects that make you the expert in your field. Write about the area and what you know as unique indicators of common home problems – and your team’s solution. Link these blog posts to the keywords of your services and you’ll have internal linking working in your favor at the same time.


Use external links as resources.

When creating your SEO content, linking to external sites lends credibility to your page. Linking the topics in your blogs to other experts, municipal codes, regional weather resources or products featured on your site can boost your traffic flow. Ask other bloggers or experts if they would be willing to partner with your team to trade external links or content.


SEO in marketing is continually evolving and RCG Contractor Marketing works continuously on improving SEO and content development for home services companies. We can help your team review your website development, search engine rank, and build strategies so that your business stands out when it comes to content. Read more about our team and services here.