Using the ACCA model to find new ways to advertise

There are many ways to help present your company in your advertising writing.

One model that you can start base on your companies writing off of is the ACCA model. ACCA is an acronym for Awareness, Comprehension, Conviction, and Action.

 It can serve as a sales funnel to help bring customers to being to be more intrigued by your product or service.



The First step to draw awareness to a problem that your customers might have in their home. Or at the very least make them realize that there could be a future problem soon.



 Then, in the second step, it’s your job to show how exactly that could affect them. Help the customer understand how serious of a problem they could have on their hands if they don’t get that fixed.



After all of that, you need to create that desire for your reader to find that solution. Sometimes a customer doesn’t know what their problem is an easy fix. So you need to help build that desire by either telling them how easy it is, or how serious it can be for their future.



Then the fourth and most crucial step is to give them an action to help put them in contact with you. Putting in your phone number, your social media pages, or your website is vital so that they can connect with you right away. 


An example of this type of method would be for you to say:

 “How can you protect your home from significant water damage? Inspecting the home. Make sure that your house is preserved today. Call us (999) 999-999 or go to our website.”


In this example, it draws awareness to what could be an enormous problem. Then we show that there is a solution for the reader that could save them that grief. After that, we then help get that desire to work with you, and then finally show them where they can go to have all of their problems fixed.