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Is Your Marketing Partnership Exclusive?

Using Exclusivity Opportunities to Make Your Business Stand Out.

These days, there are many options for packaged web hosting and other one-size-fits-all marketing services geared for your industry. Many startups find these off-the-shelf options as a good way to get up and running at a price they can afford. But it’s not unusual for business owners to feel like they outgrow these solutions over time. Some feel like they get lost in the mix of impersonal service. Others begin to question where their provider’s loyalties lie when they’re also serving competitors. To avoid falling into the same strategies as your competition, it’s all about finding market exclusivity.

There can be value in market exclusivity … and it’s a fair request for any of your marketing partners.

When we say exclusivity, we mean that your marketing partner dedicates all of their strategy and buying power to your business in your business category in your service area. In this case, this would prevent your partner from working with any of your competitors.

Is this important? Think about a realtor being the buying agent for two families who are both bidding on the same house. Who gets the bid? Where is the realtor interest focused?

By gaining market exclusivity with a partner, you can be sure your strategy and competitive approach will be focused on your business and your goals with no question about conflicts of interest.

If you’ve ever worked with enterprise marketing networks, or affiliate marketing networks, you may have seen conflicts arise with territories. You may have noticed attention pulled away from your account’s customer service. The same principles apply to media marketing.

Enterprise networks can play a role in delivering basic products, supplies, and services. But when it comes to marketing, many business owners reach a point where a more personalized, focused, and exclusive level of service becomes valuable.

At RCG, we aim to provide market exclusivity by providing a market-specific approach to drive more traffic and generate more leads to help your business level up. We work with contractors all over the country and can be your ideal partner in your market. Whether you have a rep for TV, radio, or your digital tactics, don’t be afraid to have a discussion about exclusivity.

If you have any questions or are interested in gaining exclusivity in your market, please contact the team at RCG Contractor Marketing for more information.