The Unexpected Home Repair

What Makes the Approach in Home Service Advertising Different From Your Favorite Brand?

Catchy jingles, cool graphics and bold statements-  advertising pros pride themselves on making sure products are seen and heard. However, it’s in our nature to react differently to different messages and prioritize “need versus want” when it comes to responding to creative. This is also referred to as “functional versus emotional” advertising, when addressing products or services.

Home improvement usually falls under “functional” and “need”. We know that consumers definitely pay attention to new iPhone “want” and the “emotional” appeals from St. Jude. So, is there a place for those kinds of messages in advertising for home services?

Homeownership isn’t easy and repairs aren’t necessarily things we plan for. There will always be immediate needs like HVAC systems that have to be replaced that will create turn-key leads. However, one of the biggest challenges when it comes to marketing home service brands, is finding a creative message to break through to consumers to create recall. Home service teams need to play the long-term game when it comes to messaging. Below are a few key elements to consider when thinking about creative and its impact on your potential audiences.


  1. Your Brand is You– We’ve discussed how presenting your brand is how you present and represent yourself. If your advertising is humorous, you can expect that your potential customers will remember this. But as a home service provider, keep in mind consumers may not be in the laughing mood when facing expensive repairs or upgrades.

  2. Long Term Messaging- We’ve seen the customer journey run from a few hours for furnace repair to a few years for services like foundation repair. Most potential customers put off home repairs until it’s absolutely necessary. Make your messaging elements consistent and play the long-term game when planning your marketing ROI.

  3. Using a Spokesperson– As a homeowner, you want to know who’s going to be in your home when doing repairs. Having a spokesperson on board with your advertising campaigns can provide a positive mental image for the homeowner that benefits your whole team.

  4. Using Imagery- Before and after photos can play a key element in messaging. For homeowners to recognize they have a problem, it often takes examples of what to look for. Providing imagery for common problems that have not-so-common repairs can help potential customers recognize and remember what you do.


There are many additional components to consider when crafting your advertising creative. RCG Contractor Marketing specializes in messaging that delivers the best ROI for your dollar and has years of testing behind the techniques. If you’re thinking about branding changes or a new message, contact RCG Contractor Marketing in our form fill on our main page.