Summer Activities and Media Habits

Making Your Messaging Count with Homeowners During Summer Media Shifts

It’s not too early to start thinking about feeding your lead funnel for fall. Summer can be the most challenging time to reach homeowners to keep your momentum going. Media habits generally change with vacations and nicer weather allowing everyone to be outside. So where can you reach homeowners during the summer months?


TV Still Has Pull During the Summer

Broadcast stations and cable networks are starting to level the viewership curve we’ve been accustomed to seeing when it comes to summer programming. Since 2013, there have been gradual shifts in high profile show premiers and the push to put out new content year-round. Now, with streaming services creating additional original content, the fight to stay relevant and to keep viewers engaged is greater- despite the seasons for all Broadcast, Cable and OTT.


News Shifts and Relevance

During the summer months, traditionally there is a dip in local news viewership during the early evening hours. Homeowners are typically away from their TV sets whether it be with work, summer activities or vacation. Consequently, this has given a boost to the news during the early morning as homeowners prepare for the day. Late news also typically receives increased viewership as homeowners tune in after coming home from their activities.

Cable news typically sees a decline during the summer months, similar to Local News. However, cable news has the advantage of always being available at any hour of the day, despite activity levels, so there is value in their programming.


Outside and on Vacation

Radio and audio streaming can both be major opportunities for branding during summer months. In 2021, there has been a major rebound for radio and it continues to grow post-pandemic. Shifts in dining behavior, weekend activities and road trips all affect where and how your business can reach homeowners- especially with audio platforms. Your peak season also presents the opportunity to engage homeowners who are outside working on improvement projects that may need your services. The key during the summer months with radio listening habits, is that listeners lean heavier on music formats.

When homeowners go on vacation, they might not be aware of what local radio stations are available. This is where they rely more on what they know and are familiar with. Most radio stations now have streaming available of their broadcasts with ad placement. Newer cars also allow you to access streaming apps directly through the dash. This is a smart way to connect with your local audience, even while they’re away.


In our last blog, we discussed the steps in planning and applying media habit shifts to your annual strategy. We also recommend that you check out our blog on Tips for Marketing to Offset Seasonality to see ways you can generate leads in the off seasons. There are plenty of new and unique ways to communicate and stay in touch with your customers to sustain brand awareness and set your marketing strategies up for each season.

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