Intelligence in Content Development

Your roofing, HVAC, or home service business may be active on social media, have a strong website and you might even be making content.

But what works best for the platforms you’re on?

We typically recommend a 3-month minimum for testing campaigns but as you grow your marketing you can implement content intelligence to know what content to produce, where to distribute it, improve it and evaluate performance.

How you can make use of the intelligence?

  1. Content audits
  2. Expand beyond basic traffic reports and consider conversion rates and cost per lead
  3. Be aware of your competitors
  4. Tie marketing goals to your profit goals
  5. Manage and plan your content.

The result is an improved marketing efficiency and strong foundation of data as your contracting business grows.

Contact the team at RCG Contractor Marketing to see how we can create a strategy for your business.

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