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How long does it take for content to rank with search engines?

Is your marketing hire creating videos, writing blogs, and gathering testimonials putting their efforts in the right places? Is all that content you’re creating making a difference? How long does it take for your content to rank on search engines?


Sometimes it’s difficult, amidst seasonal business swings, to step back and focus on your marketing and trust that it’s working.


But, as we have mentioned before, home service advertising thrives on consistency. The best steps you can take are to remain consistent with your content plan and trust that process. The overall production of blogs, videos, testimonials will typically pay out in the long term. Content will begin to work for you, creating a larger online footprint for consumer searches.


One question you might have is, “How long does it take for content to begin ranking on Google?”


RCG typically recommends giving four weeks for Google to properly crawl the web and give your content a chance to rank. If your business utilizes SEO tools, you can regularly track your ranking to see how those pages perform.


For example, you might review your site analytics and see high traffic and conversions on your company’s “About Us” page which features a well-produced company video. In an SEO review, you might also see that page as one of your highest-ranking pages which means more people online can find by organic search.


It also indicates that Google finds your content relevant which allows your content to show in more search queries.


Reviewing your page rankings is one great way to level-up your marketing efforts and empower your team to continue making better and better content that generates more traffic and leads.


And remember, when you do create new content, give it around four weeks before expecting to really see how it is performing.


Contact RCG Contractor Marketing to create a plan and strategy that can help your home service business level up your content ranking. Our team can help you drive more search traffic and generate better leads with new SEO tactics.