Google Site Search- Improving Indexing and SEO

If your lead generating website isn’t appearing in Google search – or maybe it’s performing at a lower level than it did before – we highly recommend you start by performing a Google Site Search.

How? We’re going to show you below!

But first, let’s highlight the benefits of performing a Google Site Search:

  • For SEO purposes, you can better understand and see how well your site is indexed by seeing how many pages Google is indexing.
  • When you’re searching for very detailed results, seeking a website with Google is an excellent way to get relevant statistics from a single authoritative site.
  • You can site search to find what your competitors are writing or posting.

Performing the search:

RCG Contractor Site Search Blog Example


Be sure to enter the URL correctly. It’s essential to include the “www,” “blog” or “info” that sometimes precede a domain name.

Performing a site search is just one tool in the toolbox of assessing where your site might have indexing or SEO issues.


If this topic is too deep into the details of Google, you might find our post on Digital Marketing Musts as a helpful guide.

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