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Media is experiencing a shift and your marketing team should pay attention.

We saw homeowners across the country take on new habits over the last year and a half. Some ditched the drive to work and swapped out the business attire in exchange for the work from home life. Contractors across the country saw an explosion of opportunity.  With more homeowners working from home, they began getting problems fixed that had been ignored for far too long.

Research shows a 28 % increase in home renovation in the past 12 months as a result of Covid-19.

Some of the impact from the working from home was obvious. Some of the impact is not so obvious.


Understand that audiences shift

Whenever a disrupting event takes place you can count on a reaction in the marketplace. Disruptors impact purchasing habits and it also impacts media viewing habits.

The Covid-19 pandemic has triggered this paradigm shift in many sectors of our life.

For instance, while people spent more time at home, many began streaming more media than they did before. Compared to media habits pre-pandemic, homeowners are streaming significantly more of their media than before.  Will their habits revert back, or will they continue to shift their habits?


Focus on your market and key audience

It’s very important for contractor marketers to be aware of the ongoing shifts. If audiences are tuning into more local news on broadcast television, then be willing to invest in traditional media. If streaming services are carrying broadcast programming, be sure advertisements can be seen on simulcasts.

Be willing to try new things and adjust if they don’t work.

Consider working with a media agency who can provide research on where to reach your key audience with measured solutions.


Don’t miss an opportunity

Advertising for home service is already different.  As media continues to experience a paradigm shift, it’s important for your marketing team to be aware that outside forces might impact how contractors and home service companies reach homeowners.

RCG Contractor Marketing can be your source to track media paradigm shifts by researching homeowner audiences and providing solutions to reach them.