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Client: Concrete & Crawl Space Repair Specialists

Location: Northern Florida

Target Market: Jacksonville

As a first-year client with RCG Contractor Marketing, RCG provided a “deep dive” evaluation of the marketing spends across all vendors within the target market. RCG presented a new strategy and recommendation for the client to consolidate marketing dollars into a one-medium campaign to maximize reach where the greatest potential of quality audience conversions could be found.

Focus strategy to increase qualified call-in leads without losing the recall message established by spends with former vendors. Reinvest ROI revenue into additional markets to continue cycle of growth.


  • Consolidate marketing dollars to one concentrated media type.
  • Align the invested spends in key programming with high homeowner demographics.
  • Create a consistent schedule across a monthly, quarterly and one-year period.


  • 42% increase in overall leads
  • 15% decrease in cost per lead
  • 19% increase in market expansion investment
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