The Details

Client: Foundation Repair Specialists

Location: Sioux Falls & Rapid City, SD

Summary: In their second year with RCG Contractor Marketing, benchmark lead numbers as well as sales goals were top of mind for growth. With the first-year identification of key media partners and determining seasonal messaging to keep crews working through low temperature months, RCG and the client invested Marketing dollars into broadening their overall reach and brand recognition within their service area.

Objective: Using the top of the funnel awareness to drive brand awareness as well as influence leads through additional marketing facets. Originally budgeted and attributed YOY dollars to remain the same.

Strategy: Test and benchmark trial media buys including online display with trusted sources and radio campaigns. Expand reach by investing in additional station partners in each market. During low temperature months, concentrate single-message frequency.


  • 23% increase in overall leads
  • 19% net increase in number of net sales
  • 16% increase in net sales
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