Preparing for a Cookieless Future in Digital Advertising

What Does a Cookieless Future Look Like for Digital Advertisers.

In recent years, as internet privacy became a mainstream focus. In response, the marketplace began shifting to provide more privacy for internet users. The trend accelerated in 2017 when the most popular web browsers began removing or blocking 3rd party cookies. This phenomenon is referred to as cookie rejection. As advertisers, how do we prepare for a cookieless future?

The Significance of Cookies

Cookies placed on web visitors’ computers allowed sites to “remember” visitors Information. This information contains interaction data with the current, and often, previously visited websites.

Cookie data was the most widespread and established tool for advertisers to collect information about online consumers. For your business, this meant you could digitally retarget visitors on your site, including advertising to them in several different ways.

Now, major web companies are phasing out cookies entirely. Consequently, digital marketers are facing a growing dilemma. A major shift is underway on how users and their information is shared across the internet.

How can the absence of cookie data could hurt your business?

  • Bad data can lead to wasted advertising investments.
  • Wasted investments can lead to missed sales opportunities. Your digital advertising may not be hitting the target like it is supposed to.
  • Missing goals can lead to blind spending. Trying new things based on intuition rather than targeting or strategy.

What can you do to help your business in the “cookieless future?”

  • Utilize first party data by keeping a CRM of your customers.
  • Work with a trusted expert to help you begin multichannel tracking and measurement. In other words, avoid using unreliable data or wasting advertising spends.
  • Leverage communicating to large homeowning audiences in traditional media and pivot digital strategies.
  • Allow for delivery and reporting changes to take place in the large business and corporate sectors. Once those industry-wide improvements gain traction. As a result, they will roll out opportunities for the mid-sized and small business sectors.

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