Branding Logo Revamp

When Thinking About Your Brand and Re-Branding is a Big Picture Project

There are a multitude of elements that make up the brands we know and love. From the name, graphics, colors and even the sound or movement displayed in messaging across all platforms. It is the factor that allows us as consumers to be able to identify a Tide detergent advertisement or a Southwest Airlines commercial due to the elements they continue to make consistent in their messaging. What do potential customers think about when it comes to your brand?

In the last several years, the home service and repair industry has flat out experienced a brand crisis as phonebooks became obsolete and Search Engine Optimization and Marketing turned into the new way to be “findable”.

Gone are the days where we are used to seeing home repair company brands with names like AAA Roofing or AAA plumbing in an effort to be the listed first in the phone book.

These tactics and their results have decreased in the digital age and now it’s more important than ever to consider thinking about your brand and your messaging.

Currently, the race to be listed first online is not about alphabetical order. It’s about content, relevance and having your brand and services align with homeowners’ needs as they search for services online.

If you do choose to rebrand, please think about including themes and elements in all content developed that tell homeowners what you do. This helps SEO and SEM placement while building up rankings on search engines. Be detailed. Use terms the homeowner will know.


There are three key components to defining your brand:

Brand Promise

A concise statement of how the brand seeks to improve the lives of their customers. A brand promise is a value or experience that customers can expect to receive every time they interact with a brand.

 Brand Positioning

A statement that defines the brand’s market in context of audience, product and point of differentiation.   Typically stated in the following structure: “For (audience), Brand is the (product) that (differentiator).”  In this structure, the brand should seek to be as specific as possible with each element. For example, in defining audience, “men” is not as powerful as “ambitious men” or “confident men.”  Likewise, for product and differentiator.

Brand Personality

A brand’s personality is defined through those human characteristics that likewise make up an individual’s personality. A brand may be “earnest, soft-spoken and confident” or “fun, energetic and brash” or any of a million other combinations. The brand’s personality is key to providing consistency in how the brand communicates and how interactions with the brand feel to customers.


In turn, additional advertising can clearly expand on the details of your offerings. Having a strong identifying brand allows every yard sign, wrapped service truck and employee with branded apparel to be pervasive examples of the quality work you do.

If you need help rebranding or need help identifying search marketing opportunities for your company, reach out to RCG Contractor Marketing today. We have helped contractors of various sized redefine their brands to align to support strategic growth and brand dominance moving forward.