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The Nucleus of Your Sales Funnel is… TV?

Let’s clear this up so we’re on the same page. We know and we preach that your website is the most important investment to ensure being found by your customers.

But when it comes to the placement strategy for your marketing elsewhere in the funnel, we know TV is the primary foundation of your lead generation strategy.

Here’s why:

If you look at our blog on The Ultimate Guide To Buying Media, we discuss media buying and your target audience. We lay out all the channels and tactics there.  It provides a nice example of the all the options we have as marketers.

Just a few of the channels we discuss span across TV, radio, pay-per-click, SEO, and content marketing. All big players for reaching customers and coaxing them down the sales funnel and building brand recognition at the same time.  All those channels can also cost a premium to compete in.

Everything must be considered from the media placement, to goals, and to the messaging. Let’s look at each of these items in more detail.

Media Placement

Typically, let’s assume your budget is going to be about 8% of your year-end revenue goals. Based on your company’s service area, we will often dedicate a healthy TV spend for lead generation needs.

TV works as top layer of the sales funnel to reach the broadest audience of potential customers, usually at the most economical cost per thousand impressions.

Depending your product or service, you can target demographics to reach different kinds of customers because TV provides different kinds of programming throughout the day as different audiences tune in.

By investing an appropriate level of TV media spend at the top of the funnel, you’re investing into a stronger media placement strategy.

Everything trickles down from the reach, frequency of message, and credibility your company can gain from being on TV.

TV allows you to reach enough people, that the odds of your message reaching receptive individuals dwarfs other media channels. And every impression your message makes increases your chance of “sticking” in the audience’s minds. Maybe it’s the jingle in your commercial that people call an earworm. It might be the frequency of seeing your message around familiar programming. If done right, you can gain top of mind awareness with the audience.

This allows your mid funnel and lower funnel channels to work more effectively as your potential customers have additional touchpoints with your brand and remember you because TV provides brand recall.

TV is especially beneficial for home service and home repair companies. The RCG Contractor Marketing team develops customer TV strategies that target a broad audience of homeowners very effectively.


Let’s talk goals for a second. Your lead or sales goals should be considered when deciding where the media buying mix should be placed. TV and radio reach a mass audience. But that reach does come at a cost. If your lead generation goals are modest or if your operations can’t support following up and delivering on a high volume of leads, you may need to moderate your investment in channels like TV and radio.

By having defined goals, you can better help the experts at RCG Contractor Marketing provide helpful media recommendations. Investing in the media that matches your goals will ultimately make your advertising dollars go further.


In very broad terms, there are two kinds of advertising messaging. One that is focused on generating leads and one that is focused on brand building. You can read more about these in our Ultimate Guide to Creating Advertising for Home Repair Pros.  When it comes to producing an effective message for most of our home service clients, the experts at RCG work to blend these two messaging strategies. This combination allows for TV to use its reach to be effective for both the customers who have an immediate need and also to build top-of-mind awareness of your company for people who will need your services in the future.

We can help you decide whether a spokesperson is right for your business, or what kind of production needs best serve the look and feel for your message.

Investing in smart, well-thought-out messaging gives your media strategy the best opportunity to work for you.


Making the necessary investment in broad-market advertising media to scale your business might be scary, but it’s a huge opportunity for any company to grow. If done correctly, your business can rapidly level-up to provide more value for the customers you serve and more opportunity for the employees you hire.

Luckily, the pros at RCG have the skills and tools to make sure that investment is done properly and in-line with the needs of your business. We’re committed to being stewards of your budget and providing a thorough recommendation.