How Choosing a Spokesperson Benefits Your Business

Should your advertising employ a spokesperson?

This question comes up over and over again.  Whether you’re considering a using a celebrity spokesperson, a paid “pitchman” or having a company leader such as a president or CEO appear in your advertising.

There are two simple reasons the question comes up so often:

1) A spokesperson can bring certain limitations to advertising, and;

2) the right spokesperson can add tremendous power to your marketing message.

What are the limitations?

Well, at the simplest level, a professional spokesperson can add expense through talent fees and ongoing talent renewals. But even if you utilize the “unpaid” services of an employee or company leader, there can be some danger that, if they ever leave or go to work for another company, the value of the recognition they’ve built can go elsewhere.

But even with these possible drawbacks, a spokesperson can be a valuable asset to advertising. There is a reason that nearly every company that requests a direct response  to its TV, radio and even print ads has used or continues to use spokespeople in their advertising.  Quite simply, it works.  A spokesperson’s credibility has a positive influence on consumers’ attitude towards advertising.

The spokesperson can attract consumers and give a recommendation that they believe is trustworthy and authentic.

Think of it like this:

If a spokesperson appears authentic, honest and as an expert with that product or service then consumers believe and trust the recommendation… therefore it has “value.”  At RCG, we have helped companies generate leads and sales both with and without the use of a spokesperson.  So we know that ultimate success doesn’t depend entirely on their use. But we also have found them to be a valuable asset for clients who depend on direct response to their advertising.

So, in the time-honored philosophy of the direct response industry, it certainly pays to test using a spokesperson and include this tool in your messaging mix if you see success


Who knows… You might be the right spokesperson for your business. Let’s find out.

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