Multi Device Streaming Options

What is OTT and How Does this Impact my Advertising Reach?

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about how no one watches TV and everyone is streaming.

Maybe you’ve been given advice or been urged to advertise on Hulu or other streaming services… But what is streaming?

In marketing, we refer to streaming media as OTT.

OTT means “Over the Top” which is any kind of show, music, videos … any kind of content can be streamed over the internet DIRECTLY to the consumer.  This skips providers like a cable box, satellite dish or antenna receiver.

Why is this important to understand for your business?

There may be a time sooner than later for your brand to explore the OTT space.  As media consumption continues to grow across ALL devices, we have more opportunities to get our message in front of the potential customer wherever and whenever they are watching or listening.

OTT gives YOU the opportunity increase the number of eyeballs that will see your message.

Traditional TV can effectively hit a mass audience, and OTT helps ADD the additional audience to see your message.  We can target down to an audience who might be more likely to use your product or service.  For your company, testing and benchmarking OTT audiences can allow you to build a baseline of what gets response.

This will be extremely useful as your company and marketing strategy grows.

Here at RCG Contractor Marketing, we treat the OTT platform as a powerful tool, but there is a right time to deploy it in your marketing mix.

Don’t get lured into believing this is a stand-alone option for your brand. The space is changing quickly and its important to utilize it as an option and not rely on it for all lead generation.

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