What Is Your Time Worth

How an Agency Can Free Up Your Time from Working with Multiple Vendors


Business can be, well, busy!

Being a hands-on manager can be exciting. You get to meet a lot of people and solve a lot of problems. That said, you also may run into a lot of things that might not have been a part of your vision of being a leader of a growing home service company.

Functions like payroll, benefits, recruiting, procurement, scheduling can all present plenty of challenges just by themselves. Likewise, managing and deploying an advertising budget can be one of the most time-consuming tasks a business has to tackle. For an operation to be successful, it’s important to have a team you trust to take care of the details.

Nobody knows this better than an owner or general manager. Sometimes it can seem like running the business gets in the way of growing the business.

It’s important not to let all the day-to-day processes take you away from what you do best.

We believe owners, managers, and directors flourish when they can focus on pursuing the passions that brought them success in the first place. That’s why we help our clients free up their time from the daily grind of managing the minutiae of advertising.

RCG has the experts and tools needed to analyze your market, target the right audiences, manage media vendors, negotiate rates, optimize your impact and evaluate results. All with as much – or as little – active involvement as a client wants.

Partnering with a trusted agency can be an easy button and a powerful tool to almost instantly free up your marketing and leadership teams to invest more time in taking your business to the next level.


How much is your time worth?

If you’re like many business leaders, you probably really enjoyed managing TV and radio advertising at first. Working with media reps, launching advertising efforts and seeing the results is rewarding. But as a business grows, so do the details … and the stakes. All the sudden there are multiple vendors to evaluate. There’s more data to crunch. And there’s more money to make sure you’re investing wisely. It can reach overwhelming levels, especially if you also have other demands on your time.

And there’s no question that doing it well takes time. Especially if you don’t have the dedicated industry tools and data at your fingertips. In fact, suddenly every vendor is telling you they’re the best place to spend your budget and you don’t have any way to impartially evaluate one against another.

The time spent managing all of it might only be topped by the time spent worrying about it. It’s only natural to begin wondering if it would be better to invest that time and attention into leveling up the business by doing what you do best?


An advertising agency can be your solution.

By choosing a trusted agency partner, your marketing efforts can be handled by a team of experts who specialize in making sure every dollar creates the biggest impact for your business. Best of all, they can help you find and focus on the advertising tools that really “move the needle” in helping your business get more leads, more calls, and more clicks.


A team of experts will ensure your advertising isn’t just placed and left to run.

  • Media schedules and audience habits are constantly changing. New programs, different seasons, and current events mean that nothing stays the same for long. A media strategy has to constantly evolve and adjust to keep reaching the best audience.
  • RCG Contractor Marketing team members actively manage every media campaign. We monitor, evaluate and adjust to make sure every dollar invested in advertising is delivering the best impact.

Media audits hold vendors accountable.

  • RCG Contractor Marketing tracks every dollar placed and ensures that commercials are running where and when they should. Stations regularly bump or move commercials for a variety of reasons. It’s unavoidable. So, if you always want to get your money’s worth, it’s vitally important to keep track and hold the stations accountable to deliver what you paid for.

Active strategy can make or break the seasonal opportunities.

  • What if a big storm has the phones ringing off the hook? Will you remember to shift your advertising to conserve dollars for another day? RCG tracks major weather events and keeps an eye on lead flows so if we need to reduce – or ramp up – advertising tactics. We’re ready to keep your advertising supporting your lead and service needs.


If you’ve made it this far you might be thinking…. “I don’t know if we’re doing any of that” or “we don’t have time to manage our vendors like that.” If that’s the case, give RCG Contractor Marketing a call or visit complete the contact form on our website today.

RCG Contractor Marketing is the trusted choice for home service contractors across the country when they’re ready to accelerate the growth.