What is it about TV Advertising that Scares You

Television advertising is the #1 reach medium and a great way to build brand awareness and generate leads. It can also be a terrible experience if your business is not ready to take that step. When we talk to prospective clients about TV advertising, these are a few of the things they express often.

“I Can’t Track It”

Companies love the ability to properly manage and measure digital analytics to asses the success of advertising campaigns. But they fear this can’t be done well with traditional media. Here are some tips to reduce that fear:

  • Consumers tend to search keywords they recall from television advertising. If they aren’t picking up the phone and calling your business, your TV ads are probably prompting an online search to find you. We recommend looking at call volume and search volume during weeks on TV.
  • We have utilized tracking phone numbers that would specify a TV lead for tracking purposes, which can further define the performance of TV advertising.
  • Getting your call center on board to ask where callers have heard about you to help you improve your tracking of TV performance.

“It’s Too Expensive”

TV can range significantly in price based on the TV DMA on where your business is. Here’s advice we give companies when assessing if your business is ready for TV advertising.

  • Don’t just run TV for a short amount of time – TV advertising can elevate your business over your competitors. But it takes time to build that equity across the large TV audiences. Running a TV schedule for one month in a calendar year will not help your business growth compared to committing to TV for a consistent period.
  • The return on the investment increases over time as the TV continues to build brand awareness for customers who don’t need you right now. But also generate leads for the customers who do need you right now.

“TV Doesn’t Work”

Some of our prospective clients may have tried TV before making the mistakes we highlight above and then thinking it doesn’t work. However, aside from being consistent, we also recommend the following:

  • Focus on who your customer is and target marketing dollars on TV to that customer.
  • Don’t buy the program; buy the audience. We are hyper-focused on making sure we buy programming that your customer watches. It’s not about being seen on the programs that are getting the most press but buying programs that get you in front of actual customers. This will significantly impact the effectiveness of your TV campaigns.


What scares you about advertising on TV? If something is holding you back, give our team at RCG Contractor Marketing a call to discuss those fears. We can show you that there is a right way to grow your business with the power of TV.


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