Benefits of A B Testing in Media

No matter what business you’re in – roofing, HVAC, or other home services – testing new sales and marketing options can be an important strategy for growth.

A test campaign is where you carve out a portion of budget to try something new … knowing that you’ll expand the budget if it improves results or re-allocate the budget if it doesn’t.

You can test channels that you’re not already using to see if they might work. For example, if you’re using mostly radio and TV, maybe a test of paid promotion on Facebook might be interesting.

You can also test the advertising within any channel – changing up things like message, offer, audience you’re going after and more.

Tests make for smart marketing for several reasons:

  • You can test a small budget to see how it works before spending more
  • Gain valuable data that can help you improve your overall campaign
  • Results of testing one thing can suggest other possible testing opportunities

Testing is really the best way to generate continuous improvement in your marketing. But it does take discipline to do it right.

When testing marketing campaigns, we always recommend contractors commit to at least 3 months. Anything shorter and you may not have a good read on the actual results. The worst thing would be to miss out on a big win because the strategy needed time to develop traction.

That said, we also preach realistic expectations. Know that the test might not work as desired. Know that the test will benefit future efforts. Know that the data can be used moving forward to set new standards for your marketing goals and grow your marketing strategy along with your business.

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