Who Will Be the Face Of Your Company

Choosing Who Endorses Your Company is Key

A question we hear frequently – and it’s a great question to ask – is “Who do I choose to endorse my company?”  This being marketing, we can give you several complicated answers but here is how we typically approach the decision-making process.

An endorser might be a radio or TV personality, celebrity, industry or community leader.

We’ve already told you about the power of using a spokesperson, but let’s take a look at the important variables when selecting an endorser.

Key Variables for selecting an endorser for your home services or repair business:

  • Objectives of the endorser – Is this person going to act as a spokesperson across the entire business? Will they be utilized across print, online, TV, radio and more? The higher the integration within your business the greater it will impact the time and effort to implement and on-board the endorser.
  • The endorsement – What’s the message going to be? Is it a product feature or awareness-building message. Just like we’ve discussed how much you should spend on creating your advertising, the endorsement message comes down to what your goal is and what you want to project from this platform. A well thought out goal and message will help your endorser and their endorsement perform the best they can.
  • Your Budget – What can you afford? How long would you like to work with an endorser? Endorsements typically last 13-weeks at a time and include a talent fee for the endorser as well as the cost to run the endorsement. We highly recommend assessing your budgets before you proceed in working with an endorser.

When we guide a client through this process, we like to define who they choose as an endorser by looking at the endorser’s involvement in the community, their audience, their other endorsements, and how they align with our client’s business.

Lastly, we always recommend the endorser learns about the business they endorse. For contractors that means knowing the services you provide and what makes you different from your competition. A good endorser should meet with your employees and even visit a job site to understand how they can use their platform to properly endorse your business.