The team at RCG Contractor Marketing values our relationship with all media entities we work with.

We view our relationships with media sellers just as important as the relationship with our client because a strong relationship with the TV, radio, outdoor or digital sellers will help us on behalf of our clients.

Whether its responsive communication with the media seller, or making sure client payments cover invoices before a rep loses their commission. Creating a strong rapport with the media seller can get more in return for our client’s investment.

What does that look like in the real world?

Media is a commodity and there is only so much inventory on any given platform or channel. A strong rep relationship can be the difference from the buyer finding out first about an under delivery and proactively putting together a solution vs. finding out all inventory is sold out.

How does this impact our clients?

A strong media seller relationship might be the difference from messages running strategically vs. running when they can.  For Contractors this might be capitalizing on weather events, promotions, or seasonality.

Many media buyers agree that spending the time to meet with your media sellers is worth every second in fostering that strong relationship.

Recently, the RCG Contractor Marketing team spent time with media sellers who are vital for our client’s success. Taking time to better know the faces and personalities of the media sellers we partner with is a sure fire way to build a strong relationship.  Both the buyer and the seller work together to help the client reach their goals.


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