SEO Significance for Google Search Rankings

If you’re in the business of serving homeowners, your search engine strategies can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Is your website not showing up on Google search? Is it showing up one, two or three pages into the results?

If your site is brand new, it can take a week or more for Google to begin indexing it.

If you have seen your performance trending down, we recommend testing your site’s indexing via Google Site Search.

Other common reasons that might prevent your site from appearing on Google search are:

  • Not optimized for search engine crawling
  • Competitive keywords
  • Website was cut out from Google
  • Site has been coded to block search engines from crawling

Putting out content that people are searching for, using keywords and relatable terms, will help you be “findable” when it comes to the back end of your website being set up correctly for search engines.

If you’re unsure if your content is making an impact on your SEO and Google Search results, we recommend filling out the contact form below. The RCG team can run a FREE audit of your website to see how you can improve your SEO and shift your website into a lead generator for your business.