5 Star Review and Testimonials

How Testimonials Can Grow Your Organic Leads

We have all been there before. We called a contractor to come look at a small issue at the house.

The initial phone call is casual, they might propose a time and then go radio silent. Fast forward and you find yourself sitting at home, pacing while checking the clock wondering when this contractor is going to show up to look at the issue you are having.

This situation has played out in thousands of scenarios since home service has been a thing. Often, homeowners are left with regret that they didn’t pick a more reputable option or didn’t “do their homework.”


Putting Yourself in Your Customers’ Shoes

Now think about the homeowner being YOUR potential customer.

When they need YOUR services, they will look back on their previous experiences and be twice as particular before choosing your company for their home service needs.

How are you going to separate your business from the mass of competition?

How are you going to communicate to homeowners that you are different?


Service Ethics Can Drive Your Referrals

Let’s go back to our homeowner from the story above.

After the negative contractor experience, homeowners are going to treat the next project or repair very differently. They might ask around for some referrals from friends or social media. They might hit the web and research the various options across the market.

Here is where you utilize a customer’s testimonial to turn your previous work and your reputation into a differentiating factor for your future customers.

A testimonial is statement testifying to someone’s character and qualifications. In video or written form, the testimonial can be a powerful piece of content that can gain you homeowners’ trust as well as help you gain awareness:

  • The testimonial acts as a public tribute to your achievements as a company as well as the quality of your work.
  • Whether video or “blog” form, the testimonial can be seen by potential customers on your website and social media channels improving SEO rankings.
  • The content can be searched more easily as well as drive additional traffic to your site from those external sources where it might be hosted.

We recommend testimonials not only as a tried and true means for gaining your customers’ trust, but also as a tool for powering your content strategies. When done properly you can build additional equity on your website that will help future homeowners find you more easily in web searches, as well as help you close with those customers who are considering you for their home service and repair needs.

To learn more about a content strategy and website SEO that leverages customer testimonials, contact the team at RCG Contractor Marketing.