Case Studies

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Case Study: Western Michigan

Over the course of 24 months, RCG Contractor Marketing helped expand the overall services footprint and branding outreach of our client in Western Michigan. In order to grow their existing service area, strategies included streamlining creative, eliminating tracking inefficiencies, and optimizing media across their existing DMA’s (Designated Market Area). As a result, RCG helped total leads grow by 32% with only a corresponding 14% increase in investment. Subsequently the client’s growth allowed them to expand into 4th market DMA.

Case Study: Jacksonville

As a first-year client with RCG Contractor Marketing, RCG provided a “deep dive” evaluation of the marketing spends across all vendors within the target market. RCG presented a new strategy and recommendation for the client to consolidate marketing dollars into a one-medium campaign to maximize reach where the greatest potential of quality audience conversions could be found.

Case Study: South Dakota

In their second year with RCG Contractor Marketing, benchmark lead numbers as well as sales goals were top of mind for growth. With the first-year identification of key media partners and determining seasonal messaging to keep crews working through low temperature months, RCG and the client invested Marketing dollars into broadening their overall reach and brand recognition within their service area.