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Media Is Experiencing a Paradigm Shift

Media is experiencing a shift and your marketing team should pay attention. We saw homeowners across the country take on new habits over the last year and a half. Some ditched the drive to work [...]

The Future of Measuring Your Audience

The future of measuring your audience and the impact of shifting ratings into impressions. A change that began in 2019 is continuing to impact advertisers today. It was in that year that the television industry [...]

RCG Contractor 3Q21 Media Landscape Updates

Updates and Changes to the Media Landscape During 3Q21 Here are some of the latest industry news affecting the media landscape that RCG and other advertisers are watching:   Google’s Plan to Phase Out Third-Party [...]

Are Sports Right For You?

Are Your Marketing Dollars Worth Investing into Large Sporting Events? It’s August 2021. The 2020 Olympics have just ended, baseball is heating up, basketball summer league is in full swing and soon football will be [...]


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