Call Center Participation in Lead Generation

Your call center is your front line, but how can they be included as part of your marketing team?

We’ve got three quick tips to help your call center improve your marketing efforts.

Your call center is often the first personal interaction with the customer and it’s the best opportunity to answer the question “How did you hear about us?”

Knowing where customers are hearing about you helps your marketing department spend future advertising dollars more effectively. Best of all, getting this important information can be a natural part of taking a customer inquiry call.

1st: Ask the customer “How did you hear about us”

2nd: Train your call center on how to record the responses and let them know WHY this information is important.

Finally, Keep your system current. As your business grows, your marketing may change. Help your call center stay up to date on the marketing channels they track so that your marketing team can continue to optimize your advertising.

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