Options for TV Viewing

Updates and Changes to the Media Landscape During 3Q21

Here are some of the latest industry news affecting the media landscape that RCG and other advertisers are watching:


Google’s Plan to Phase Out Third-Party Cookies Delayed until Late 2023

In place of cookies, Google wants to deploy their own Privacy Sandbox system. This technology uses Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) to hide individuals “in the crowd” and uses on-device processing to keep a person’s web history private on the browser.

What is the new timeline?

Stage 1 (Starting late-2022): Once testing is complete and APIs are launched in Chrome, publishers and the ad industry will have about a 9-month period to migrate their services. Adoption rates and feedback will be analyzed before moving to stage 2.

Stage 2 (Starting mid-2023): Chrome will phase out support for third-party cookies over a 3-month period finishing in late 2023.

This gives small businesses more time to prepare for the pending Cookieless Future.


Nielsen released data differentiating demos within Streaming:

The Nielsen report communicated four key demographics and their share across the viewing universe.

RCG Contractor Marketing for instance, aims to key in on homeowners and the influential mediums that impact purchase decisions.

The P35-54 & P55+ demos continue to consume Linear TV or what we might consider traditional broadcast television or cable.

With all the options, it’s important to know which platform best fits the audience you are trying to reach.


2021 Summer Olympics Recap:

Olympics is typically among the highest viewed programming on broadcast and cable.

Broadcast ratings for Summer 2021 were down vs. previous Olympics. Streaming viewing was up.

Tokyo Opening Ceremonies down 37% from Rio/Summer 2016

  • Tokyo – 7 million viewers
  • Rio – 26.5 million viewers

With 16.7 million viewers, The Opening Ceremonies ranked just behind the Oprah interview with Prince Harry and Megan Markle (17.1 million).

The 2021 Opening Ceremonies reached the largest audience for a stand-alone entertainment program since July 2020, excluding Super Bowl lead out of premier of the series The Equalizer (20.4 million). The previously mentioned Prince Harry and Megan Markle interview was considered an entertainment “special” as opposed to an entertainment program.

See our blog, “Are Sports Right For You?” For more on this topic and how it can impact your home service business.


RCG will continue to monitor when these and other media updates impact or present opportunities for better reaching your potential customers.