How Radio can help contractors find the right audience


No one listens to it anymore, right?


Online and terrestrial radio can be an excellent medium for your home services business.

Like any medium used to reach prospects, radio has strengths and weaknesses. Let’s take a look at whether it might be a good choice for your business.

What kind of contractor are you?

Electrical contractors or plumbing contractors have the benefit of providing a service that many homeowners need for problems that must be fixed immediately- especially if the issue gets bad enough. Radio works well for this because you can reach a lot of homeowners by running a high frequency of commercials. It’s an economical shotgun strategy to reach as many ears as possible, so they know who you are.

What about services that don’t have as an immediate of a repair window? Roofers, for instance, have a seasonality for radio. They might not consistently be on the radio every month, but instead, they are on the radio during their peak seasons. There is always an increase in roofing advertising and other exterior contractors around significant weather events. Radio typically can help serve smaller contractors during these events, and it’s definitely heard across the airwaves whenever there is an opportunity to sell roofs, repair damaged siding, and replace windows and doors.

There are several other essential factors like assessing how large your business is, knowing your goals, and determining how many leads you need. All impact what the RCG Contractor Marketing team would recommend making in making radio part of your marketing mix.

To find our if radio, TV, or a customized digital strategy is right for your business – contact the RCG Contractor Marketing team today.