Campaign Launch Do's and Dont's

A lot of contractors ask us why a campaign does or doesn’t work and a lot of times we find that it has a lot to do with false expectations.


The general thought was run the campaign and gain the result as it was pitched from an advertising sales person. Whether it’s Facebook, TV, radio, or online – every marketing channel needs some time to work before measurable results can be identified.


A Facebook leads campaign might have a more immediate results as the leads come roaring in, but often some of those end up being unqualified leads that don’t turn into sales.


It’s tempting to invest more dollars to get more instant leads, but many contractors of the right size can greatly benefit from a strategic campaign.


But when should you start?


When considering TV, radio, paid search or video/display advertising, we recommend you begin your advertising 3-5 weeks before your anticipated busy season.


By building awareness about your business and getting your name in front of your potential customers you can create a top of mind awareness to the consumer. Once they have the problem, consumers are more likely to choose a contractor they are aware of. Lastly, we highly recommend consistency with advertising because you can create a continued awareness with consumers which can impact referrals, brand dominance, and return customers.

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