Capturing Leads through Landing Pages

The emergence of video, PPC, and social media campaigns have empowered contractors to market unlike ever before.

Driving traffic to your website homepage might not be enough. You do an excellent job of raising some interest in your business, and a potential customer clicks over to your site, but now what?

A landing page could have a positive impact on your results.

The benefit of a custom landing page can take the branding from your main site but create a specific page that has a particular goal. For contractors, often this goal is to collect contact information for a lead follow up.

We see custom landing pages outperform standard websites a majority of the time because they are purposeful for the visitors’ needs.

For contractors, we recommend considering your business and how educated your customers are about your services. A landing page may be used as a quick contact page with information fields. However, if you need to establish local credibility, educate your audience on an individual subject, or provide a special offer, we often recommend housing this type of content on a landing page when a new potential lead visits your site.

RCG Contractor Marketing develops custom landing pages and strategies that are specific to the needs of contractors. Contact us to talk about landing pages and how you can make the most of your online efforts and generate leads.